February 15, 2009

What would Thoreau and Emerson say now, in the age of technology that guarantees us that someone’s always listening?

I am struck by this piece in today’s Globe, and it reminds me of an older (better and probably the inspiration for today’s) piece from the Chronicle Review. I read them both voraciously, but ended up feeling like an outsider because as someone in the Gen X age group, someone with facebook and text messaging and all the trappings of an anti-solitary society, I have never felt uncomfortable being alone in public. In fact, I sometimes prefer it. My friends are shocked and appalled when I casually mention that I have eaten at restaurants alone, gone to the Symphony alone, and even gone to movies with only myself as a date. I’m still trying to figure out what I have that everyone else lacks (or the opposite). In the meantime, I enjoy letting the experts analyze our woeful postmodern condition.


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