August 20, 2009

Songs: “Peep-Peep” by Arab Strap, “The Man That I Am With My Man” by Hidden Cameras

Elated, as have fixed major laptop issue with the click of a button, and no longer need to endure the hellish suffering inflicted by the Mac Store. (Even if “sandwiches are wicked and they know you at the Mac Store!”)

So obvious it barely needs to be said. Still, well-written.

Alternet strikes again with socially conscious reporting like no other site out there.

Continuing the infidelity discussion, exploring why people cheat, and why it’s not always an unforgivable crime. There’s a new TV program this fall called “The Good Wife” about a “wronged” wife of a “philandering” politician, will be interesting to see portrayal/demonization of said politician.


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