Monday Reader

February 23, 2009

The last Diary entry- why I love New York.

The end of marriage?–_civil_unions_for_all/

A tragic, arresting, yet hopeful photo series.

And now, here’s my take on the Oscars, which I, incidentally, didn’t watch because it would have required me staying awake from 2-5 AM.

Best picture- Slumdog Millionaire- deserved. I saw this movie twice, and loved it. Ezra Klein and others bash it for being unrealistic and “too Hollywood-” but I say of course it’s Hollywood- it’s a movie made in Hollywood, for cripes’ sakes. And for that, a really refreshingly good one.

Actor- Sean Penn for Milk- I was really happy about this, call me biased because I saw Milk and loved it, and wrestling grosses me out (so does Mickey Rourke, for that matter). His speech was humble and charming, and for me, his win was the surprise of the ceremony.

Actress-Kate Winslet for The Reader- Ugh. This was a completely mediocre movie, morally shirking its duties, promoting false themes of redemption, and just generally not that great. It’s great that she finally won B.A.- but I could name ten other roles that she should have won it for. Just more proof that the easiest way to win an Oscar is to gain some weight, not wear makeup, and be in a Holocaust-themed movie.

Supporting Actor-Heath Ledger- Yeah, his Joker was wild. But would he have gotten it if he hadn’t so conveniently died this year? I’m beginning to think his death was the best publicity stunt in Hollywood history.

Director- Danny Boyle- Heck yes.

Soundtrack- Slumdog Millionaire- Heck yes. I listen to this all the time, especially “Jai Ho.”

Documentary- Man on Wire- The best film of the year, for me. Maybe of the decade. So glad it was recognized in this capacity.


What would you get if…

February 21, 2009

you combined Chinatown, To Kill a Mockingbird, and In the Heat of the Night?

The brilliant 1959 Otto Preminger film Anatomy of a Murder. Complete with the strongest supporting cast I’ve seen and an incredibly cool Duke Ellington score. An absolute must-see.

Mea culpa?

February 20, 2009

Suppose I was a little light on the posting today- I was treating myself to a lazy Friday Jimmy Stewart double feature: The Philadelphia Story and The Shop Around The Corner. With popcorn and blodappelsins, of course. Heaven.

“Bringing Up Baby” with a saucy, devilish Katharine Hepburn and a bumbling, nerdy Cary Grant.